Welcome To Gilligan's Creations

I would love to tell you a little bit about Gilligan's Creations and how it got started.  I am a full time realtor and was looking for a hobby. About 2 years ago I came across some videos on making tumblers with epoxy and glitter. WELL, that is when I knew this was something I HAD to try. I started making these for myself, friends and family. Then everyone told me I need to sell my products and not give them away for free. So that is when I created Gilligan's Creations. Since then I have added other items to my craft making. Items like pens both epoxy and beadable, wine stoppers, make up brushes (being a mom of 3 daughters this was a no brainer), and keychains.

Most recently I partnered with my mom and sister and now we offer FRESHIES. What is a Freshie? It is an air freshener. More commonly used in cars but can be used anywhere you want it to smell nice. 

To end I want to say THANK YOU for stopping by. I truly appreciate the support.

Yours Truly,

Christina Gilligan

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